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Passion and Love ...

... connect people in equal measure. At Wagner we feel a passionate love for our fine handcrafted chocolate specialities.

Only the finest ingredients from all over the world, best chocolate and freshest cream and butter from Holstein mature in our handcraft enterprise to become unmistakable delicacies.

Traditional recipes and attention to detail, being masters of our trade and the daily challenge to be better than our competitors - that is our professional commitment to our selected clientele throughout the world.


The human factor

Profession with passion – these are Wagner Pralinen's successful recipes. The entrepreneurial family convincingly stands by their site and their employees who process the selected high-quality raw materials with a loving eye for detail. Long-term employments ensure a good wealth of experience which leaves its mark on our collection.

Every Wagner product is a unique copy which is given its own unmistakable image. The distinguishing marks of Original Wagner Quality are copious, individually hand-crafted decorations or the final hand-made porcupine-like praline finish or artful patterns for Hand-crafted pieces of chocolate.


Find out more about our manufactory and our history!


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Passion and love start with the ingredients