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120 years hand-crafted prime quality

For 120 years the Wagner Company has manufactured specialties of true taste sensation. The legendary passion for finest chocolate products, hand-crafted truffles and pralines is based on their delicatessen. Even in the fourth generation Wagner distinguish themselves as one of Europe's most experienced chocolatiers thanks to their special art of manufacture.

Following the tradition of North German craftsmanship Emil Wagner founded the parent company in Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) in 1891. From the beginning domestic raw materials were combined with preciosities originating from nearby seaports. Based on traditional recipes, finest ingredients from all over the world are mixed with fresh cream and butter from the local area.

His son, Willy Wagner, developed the company further up to the high chocolaterie level. As early as in the twenties selected chocolate products and pralines were supplied to exclusive commercial partners in all big German towns.

Reinhard Wagner, the grandson of the founder Emil Wagner, went to Zurich (Switzerland) in 1953 where he learned the European art of finest truffle manufacture and got the skills of a confectioner. He brought his knowledge to perfection at the best chocolatiers and introduced his useful experience in the family-owned enterprise.

Today the brothers Jörg and Reinhard Wagner junior manage the company in the fourth generation. Their passion for fine confectionery specialties has been excellently combined with their high-quality products. A team of highly motivated and professionally competent employees as well as technological know-how and sophisticated logistics ensure that the outstanding culinary creations reach customers all over the world and are as fresh as on the first day.



Left to right: Emil Wagner (1891), Willy Wagner (1922) and Reinhard Wagner (1953)


Reinhard Wagner jun. and Jörg Wagner